Thomas Swan

I am the unknown hand of fate around the offices of LBJBR. Nothing clicks. or blows up, gets set on fire without me doing it. You may have heard of me. I have been infected the internet with bad writing and unfunny jokes professionally for companies such as Classicalite, The Tampa Bay Rays, Fansided, Popcorn Sushi, Movie Pilot, the Kerouac Kat, and LBJBR, whom I started with the help the merry band , The Committee.c for more than ten years. I hea staff writer for Rays Colored, Popcorn I was editor of and coeditor with my brother Brad Repka. I was senior writer at, where I covered everything from Classical Music to Jazz and Blues and Bollywood. I have interviewed actors and actresses. Notably Kevin Sorbo, Brian Dennehy, Lucas Til, documentary director Robert Mugge, Jazz Guitarist Jesse Cook LBJBathroom reader is my first attempt at an entertainment site with what I feel is missing from other sites.