Hubert Humphrey’s Very Little Corner

If in my time as Vice President did I, Hubert H. Humphrey, learn anything from my friend, LBJ, was that it is all about him. I was born in South Dakota, was elected senator in 1948 from Minnesota. During the heyday of the liberal 1960’s, I was more left leaning than a virgin 20 year old at a Folk music festival. Yet, the Kennedy pricks  and the batshit crazy Texan get all the chicks. It’s not fair. HHH had both hands tied behind his back in the 1968 presidential election and still almost beat Nixon. Little Johnny could never do that.

Anyway, I digress. Here at LBJ’s Bathroom Reader you’ll find things a little different. Sure, like the Donald Trump White, we make the news up. Only with ours, we don’t ask you make you look at Kellyanne Conway as you are catching up on the news.

Though it may seem like it, we aren’t “The Liberal East Coast Media”. We have bigger balls.