Glorifying Gretchen Moll as Bettie Page & Gillian Darmandy

Portraying any living person can bit e a headache in and of itself, much more so if said person still walks among. Bettie Page’s story is the story of America and its awakening from the colonialism of the previous 19th century. We have heard similar tales like hers before but this one , fate decided it wanted a story to preserve posterity. Out stepped a beautiful buxom Southern girl who had long black hair and eyes could bewitch you without even trying. We were talking about Bettie Page not Gretchen Mol, right? Today, we will look at Gretchen Moll as Bettie Page and Jill Darmandy.

The Connecticut born actress , Gretchen Moll, also had a very sexually charged role in HBOs ode to the early tough guys who built the mob in Atlantic City entitled Boardwalk Empire . A showgirl by trade and crime boss’s mistress to boot, Ms. Mol’s character, Jill Darmandy has lived a difficult life. But she has survived.

Both characters are hypersexual women and Ms. Mol does well to walk a fine line in both films, given her natural shyness, which see revealed in during an interview with GQ magazine.

As brave as I had to be to do the nudity in The Notorious Bettie Page, I kind of believed in Bettie’s philosophy of being like, you know, big deal. It’s good that I had the wig on.”

Bettie Page’s life was not all wine and roses. In the 1950s, there were clubs that men could join to learn about photography. These amateur photographers would be given the opportunity to models. Some, when given the opportunity, would ply the models with alcohol and persuade them to pose nude. Some would get the models to go even further.

The Notorious Bettie Page would, for the most, gloss over the unseemly bits of Ms. Page’s life. Gretchen Moll wouldn’t have to deal with the darker bits of Ms. Page’s life. Anyone familiar with Ms. Page’s work knows the film only casually broached the subject.