Life of an Artist: A New Interpretation of Bob Dylan – The Woody Guthrie Era (Late 1959 – Early 1964)

Merriam-Webster online defines the term “ERA” as … “a period identified by some prominent figure or characteristic feature.” Sports provide a treasure trove of examples of the word “era.”. In baseball, for example, there is the live-ball era, where the baseballs MLB used were lively when hit by a baseball bat, leading to more offense and the dead ball era, where the ball wasn’t as lively when hit. Other examples include the original six era in hockey. The WWE use eras to help differentiate spots on its timeline when new wrestlers come to prominence. When you step back and look at the musical career of Bob Dylan, his artistic output can be divided into eras. Chunks of time where his musical output held certain cues where one could lump them together by musical styles.

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