Rebecca Creskoff: Cable TV Goddess in ‘Hung’ & ‘Justified’ Proves Sexy Doesn’t End at 20

Actress Rebecca Creskoff has built herself a nice little career off of the creative outburst that has sprung out of the writing rooms of cable television shows. The now 49 year old actress has appeared in such cult favorites as HBO’s Hung, opposite Thomas Jane; as well as Justified, opposite Timothy Olyphant.

Rebecca Creskoff began her acting career in earnest in 1998 when she appeared in a small independent called Finding North. More work came her way in the form of the gigantic revolving door that is the guest star role in the iconic series Law & Order and its offspring Law & Order:SVU.

Creskoff’s career would continue on the status quo for a few years. Guest starring roles in once popular shows that now nobody remembers were all that came her way. Movies, except for the odd indy, were a closed door for the actress. Not the typical Hollywood blonde bimbo, the now 30ish Creskoff began to experience the movie law of diminishing returns.

The nameless mom roles began to knock on the beautiful now late 30s actress. She played the parts and concentrated more on her private life. Creskoff would have a son while Hollywood continued on without her. Finally, when she all but put her acting career out to pasture, HBO came calling with a new series entitled Hung.

It would star Thomas Jane.


ung follows Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane), a high-school basketball coach in the suburbs of Detroit who is short on money. He is also the father of twin teenagers (Charlie Saxton and Sianoa Smit-McPhee), who move in with their remarried mother (Anne Heche) after a fire damages the childhood home Ray still owns. With no insurance to cover the damage from the fire, Ray is left without many options. With the help of a friend, Tanya (Jane Adams), Ray decides to use his above-average sized, 9-inch penis as an opportunity to make money.”