That Thin & Wild Mercury Sound: Bob Dylan – ‘Bringing It All Home,’ ‘Highway 61 Revisited,’ ‘Blonde on Blonde – A Year of Fast Genius

Once upon a time, he was derided by some of the Columbia Records executive as “Hammond’s folly.” He was one of those new “folkies that were becoming popular everywhere. The new guy’s name was Bob Dylan. He spun this elaborate lie to make himself sound important but it was all bullshit. Legendary talent scout John Hammond, responsible for bringing in some of Columbia Record’s most iconic talent, such as Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian, Pete Seeger and Stevie Ray Vaughn,, seemed to buy his nonsense and gave him a record deal. Try as they might, Dylan’s self-titled debut would not offer much hope. However, John Hammond’s eye for talent was undeniable. Bob Dylan would prove him right in short manner of timebeginning March 22 1965. In the space of little over a year’s time, Dylan would push the bounds of recorded music skywards and create three albums of unmatched genius.

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  1. thekeystonegirlblogs

    Love that Subterranean video – why sing, when you can show a few cards? Smart eh? I can remember going to a Dylan concert in the 60s, where to our dismay he played — pop music!! Bob was cute enough to realise the folk scene was over, and he was out of there. How many protest gatherings did Bob attend? One to my knowledge. As Joan Baez once said “Live with it, Bob never turns up.”