The Women of the British TV Show ‘The Avengers’

In the world of make-believe, there are many, many different forms of avenger motif on the prowl. From point A to point Zed, each country in the world have their own version of the motif; whether to do good or bad for the sake of good, or just to do bad period. In that same world of make-believe (aka mass media) two groups of characters from vastly different worlds, and media platforms, share the moniker of “The Avengers.” While the comic book version would offer up stories about their Avengers saving humanity, it wouldn’t be the trailblazer that the 1960s hit British television show, The Avengers, would be. Not only did the show provide great entertainment value for it viewers, it would provide the platform to propel the fight for gender equality in film casting in cinema .

Debuting in 1961, The Avengers would switch up the roles of the crime fighters. Usually, the male was the action star and the female was either the comic fodder or a manipulator of the action hero. While actor Patrick Macnee’s John Steed was no slouch in the fisticuffs, as the iconic John Steed, it was his female partner, who did the bulk of the butt kicking. The combination of the beautiful, take charge female, the suave, polished, umbrella toting gentleman, who could also kick a little butt himself when push comes to shove; add 1960s swinging London, was the essence of cool.

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