The Evolution of Sex in Cinema & its Top 100 Actresses #89. Sylvia Kristel

#89. Sylvia Kristel

Unlike fellow her fellow Dutch countrymen, Sylvia Kristel’s grasp of the English language was not all that great. Nonetheless, she would find a role that would win her a larger recognition and ultimately more roles in equally sexually charged films. The film was called Emmanuelle and Kristel would appear in six of the next follow-ups.

Kristel began modelling at the age of 17 and two years later would audition for the lead female in Last Tango in Paris. She wouldn’t get the part but she would score big with the with the lead in another sexually explicit film Emmanuelle.

Kristel would jump ship after her seventh film entry into the series. Producers wanted to inject more sex and get rid of some of the cumbersome plot, what little there was. Kristel would jump to other sexually charged films in an attempt to keep her dying career alive.

Our Conclusions – RIP Ms. Kristel