The Evolution of Sex in Cinema & its Top 100 Actresses #90 Rosario Dawson

#90. Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson’s first film role came at the tender age of 9. A brief role in the seminal children’s show Sesame Street, it wouldn’t until six years later that Dawson would get a follow-up role in another film. At  the age of 15,she would be “discovered” by photographer Larry Clark and film director Harmony Korine, proving that it is okay to let strange men come up to your teenage daughter.

Korine would cast Dawson in a small role in his 1995 film Kids. Dawson would use that role as a stepping stone for future endeavors. Across the length and breadth of her career, she would continue  building her film resume, crossing genre lines freely and becoming a star in the film world.

Dawson’s notable films include working with established directors as Quenton Tarantino, Spike Lee, and Danny Boyle. Dason would open eyes with her sexy turn in the Danny Boyle directed film Trance. She would co-star in the film opposite Scottish actor James McAvoy

Our Conclusions – A political and environmental actress activist, Dawson is  also environmentally friendly.