The Evolution of Sex in the Cinema & its Top 100 Actresses: #95. Serena Grandi

The depiction of sexuality on cinema screens has been discussed and debated often throughout the century plus of the cinema’s existence. Its relevance and depictions have been debated and analysed ad nauseam. Subjects and ideas, more adult in origin, have been better utilized by decidedly lesser talented. European filmmakers. When American filmmakers do venture down that road, the project is inevitably bungled beyond all hope. LBJBR presents the Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its 100 top actresses. #95. Serena Grandi

#95. Serena Grandi

From the cinema’s inception, the Italians have been the leaders in depiction of sexuality on the screen. Though a deeply conservative catholic country, the cinema and the church have been able to live side by side. The country has produced more than its fair share of sexy starlets, such as #95 Serena Grandi.

Ms. Grandi is the prototype of what the producers of the more sexual type comedies and horror films in Italy look for. A so-so actress, at best, Grandi’s physical attributes carried her career quite a ways. Directors, such as Tinto Brass, exploited Grandi’s naked body for all it was worth and made her a star.

Serena Grandi’s career would slow down as she got older, the one general drawback of the sex film actress. She would try her hand at politics but that, too, would not turn out well. Grandi would lose her bid for a seat in the Italian parliament.

Our conclusion: Edwige Fenech will be the next Italian prime minister.