The Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its Top 100 Actresses #97. Tina Krause

The depiction of sexuality on cinema screens has been discussed and debated often throughout the century plus of the cinema’s existence. Its relevance and depiction s have been debated and analysed ad nauseam. Subjects and ideas, more adult in origin, have been better utilized by decidedly lesser talented. European filmmakers. When American filmmakers do venture down that road, the project is inevitably bungled beyond all hope. LBJBR presents the Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its 100 top actresses.

#97. Tina Krause

Acting is perhaps the strangest profession known to man. Basically, you become the focus of someone who think you have a pretty face. They show you off to other people who agree. You are kind of a “hottie.” To celebrate, they take you out the back and film you being strangled to see how you died. Tina Krause was officially an actress.

Where Tina Krause exists in the acting pantheon itself is an entire other question. Getting her start in the fetish films genre, Krause would venture into the lower B-movie before returning to the smaller, fan-funded world of fetish films. Through it all, she has become loved and admired by her fans.

In fairness to Krause, in the end, the difference from fetish video-tapping to feature filmmaking isn’t nearly as much as it looks. Krause some acting ability and talent. Relying more on her physical allure more than her acting talent, she has been typecast.

Our Conclusion- Death, taxes and a nude scene from Tina Krause.