The Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its Top 100 Actresses # 98. Janet Leigh

The depiction of sexuality on cinema screens has been discussed and debated often throughout the century plus of the cinema’s existence. Its relevance and depiction s have been debated and analysed ad nauseam. Subjects and ideas, more adult in origin, have been better utilized by decidedly lesser talented. European filmmakers. When American filmmakers do venture down that road, the project is inevitably bungled beyond all hope. LBJBR presents the Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its 100 top actresses.

# 98. Janet Leigh

If one from my generation were to meet Jamie Lee’s mom, back in the day, we would probably be more geeked we were meeting Jaime Lee’s mom and thank her for gifting Jaime Lee to the world more than anything else. That Jaime Lee’s mom could be a key component in the evolution of Sex in Cinema would be the furthest from any of our minds.

Cue Alfred Hitchcock and his 1960 film Psycho. Although the film has now entered into the parent friendly zone of “cinema classic,” for 1960, an actress in a bra, Leigh would appear in two separate scenes, was still almost unheard of.

Later, while being interviewed by Francois Truffaut, Hitchcock would admit to the French film journalist turned director that he now, in 1966, felt Leigh’s character should have been topless during the first scene. Given, again, this was 1960 not 1970, that was not going to happen.

Our Conclusion: When filmmaking was completed, Leigh returned the two bras to the sail boats she borrowed them from.