The Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its 100 Top Actresses: #99. Sean Young

The depiction of sexuality on cinema screens has been discussed and debated often throughout the century plus of the cinema’s existence. Its relevance and depiction s have been debated and analysed ad nauseam. Subjects and ideas, more adult in origin, have been better utilized by decidedly lesser talented. European filmmakers. When American filmmakers do venture down that road, the project is inevitably bungled beyond all hope. LBJBR presents the Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its 100 top actresses.

#99. Sean Young

Actress SEAN YOUNG on the Carlton Beach in Cannes, France, to promote her new movie A Killer Within. May 13, 2004*** USA ONLY ***

Face it, the 1980s and a good deal of the 1990s was a barren wasteland of Bruce Willis. As we all saw when watching , there are some things you just can never unsee, ie Bruce’s penis (ain’t no amount of Chlorox bleach ever going to remove that stain from your soul). Thus, we make the connection. The 1980s were like Bruce Willie’s penis. Bad!

The 1980s would also see the rise of the outspoken feminism among younger actresses, such as Rosanna Arquette, Deborah Winger and, of course, Sean Young, who railed against sexism in Hollywood and then shot the blatantly exploitive Love Crimes.

Ultimately, that wisdom and independence proved out to be no more than false bravado. Instead of changing the stifling culture, the three would dig into the ground and embrace its most base. No more need be said than Young would co-star in Love Crimes opposite Patrick Bergin.

Our Conclusion: When you think erotic thriller, think Patrick Bergin. The sexual tension between Sean Young and he seaps on the screen like an infected wound.