The Evolution of Sex in Cinema & its Top 100 Actresses: #100. Jane Russell

The depiction of sexuality on cinema screens has been discussed and debated often throughout the century plus of the cinema’s existence. Its relevance and depiction s have been debated and analysed ad nauseam. Subjects and ideas, more adult in origin, have been better utilized by decidedly lesser talented. European filmmakers. When American filmmakers do venture down that road, the project is inevitably bungled beyond all hope. LBJBR presents the Evolution of Sex in Cinema and its 100 top actresses.

# 100. Jane Russell

Watching Jane Russell in the 1943 Howard Hughes produced film The Outlaw can, at times be very uncomfortable to say the least. For one thing, it’s a bad movie. The probable reason for that fact is Jane Russell’s breasts. They drove producer Hughes crazy.

He made Russell ‘s breasts the center of focus for every shot that she appeared in. By today’s standards, The Outlaw would be considered an Indie film. One would then have to journey down several tiers of filmmaking to get to a level of filmmaking where this unabashedly sexist style of filmmaking exists. And this was 1943, remember!

The 1950s, with no doubt massive help from Jane Russell, refocused American pop culture away from the female legs, a long time fetish spot, to the female breasts where it firmly remains today.

Our Conclusion: No accusations about Howard Hughes being homosexual should ever be taken seriously.