The Goddesses of B-Movies: Cynthia Ettinger

Being in a B-movie means, mosl likely, that you’re really old, not “classically” beautiful or thin, or you”ve ran into Gary Busey at one too many. parties. For actress Cynthia Ettinger, 2003 would finally be the year she would be noticed. The HBO series, Carnivale, was an ensemble cast piece. The nearly 50-year old Ms. Ettinger, who usually played the wife or mother role in guest starring slots for TV shows such as Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU, would play a stripper by the name of Rita Sue Dreifuss.

This was a side of Ms. Ettinger never seen before. She dove head first into the and played the role with full conviction. She stood on that stage, before all those people, sure most were fellow actors and everyone was all in it for the same cause, she was the one who was topless, dancing and trying to make it look as if she has done this before.

This is both the good and bad of the B-movie. Granted, in the very strictest sense of the term, Carnivale wasn’t a B-movie but, Ettinger was nearing 50 and did not have the Hollywood body. Ms. Ettinger wasn’t fat nor was she thin. Yet, there’s not a person alive who would not be in awe of her performance.

Her sexuality set the screen on fire and she was Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Sophia Loren all rolled into one. She was Aphrodite incarnate, ample, bare bosom reminding she was all woman.

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