Erin R. Ryan & Tina Krause: Queens of the Nudie Bs

They can’t all be masterpieces. It is difficult for many artists to reconcile with that fact. Few of them really ever do. For actresses Erin R. Ryan and Tina Krause, that realization has had to have occurred quite some time ago. In spite of the lack of quality of most of their films, both women share a similar mysterious quality that helps them to rise above the lackluster films they appear in.

From the outset, there has always been elements of exploitation in cinema. One can almost wager, with a great degree of certainty, that one of the early pioneers of motion photography was begging a female or male acquaintance to undress for filming purposes. The genre grew and solidified in two very disparate decades, the 1930s and 1950s.

Whereas the 1930s revelled in showing the sordid squalor of urban modernity, the 1950 was all about the breasts – bigger, the better. Exploitation Films took root, firmly in the 1950s and grew into cottage industry. Both of subjects are throwbacks to the 1950s and carry on a lot of the traditions brought in during the 1950s era.

Tina Krause and Erin R. Ryan are both throwbacks to` that era. The hokey/cheesy/cheap horror films that both have made an abundance of, as well, has its roots firmly planted in the 1950sb era of pop culture. With the introduction of home video and, of course, the internet, both women have forged pretty decent, if not so artistically fulfilling careers in the film business.