LBJBR Calls Out Cenk Uygar and Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks “Report the News. Stop With the Editorializing and the Mocking

Hello, Mr. Ugyar and Ms. Kasparian. My name is Monkey B Funky and I am editor and chief at the 2nd greatest news site behind Breitbart. No oone makes up the news better than them.. Many of us here at LBJBR used to be big fans of TYT and one of our star reporters, Thomas Swan, was a pledge member of your group. Notice I say was.

Mr. Uygar,, and Ms. Kasparian, please stop call yourself journalists. You are not. Please stop criticizing the media and they way they write their article. As a passionate fan of the art and history of journalism, I respect its conventions and the way it is supposed to be told.

For instance in a recent video, Ms. Kasparian complains about the print media. She uses an example from the Chuck Todd interview of President Trump ajnd complains about how the print media will interpret the interview.

“Trump Says Obama Implemented the Child Separation Policy will be the headline people read,”she spits indignantly. “Someone will read the headline and won’t get into the details of the story,” SHE CARPS FURTHER.

Mr. Uygar continues this shameful debasement of journalism by recalling an incident from 2006, where he complains about a USA Today head that he noted read “President Bush Says “USA Safer” (After US led invasion in Iraq. Then, to my disbelieving ears,Mr. Uygar whined that “people aren’t going to read to paragraph twenty-seven to find out they aren’t safer.”

Well, I don’t know where to begin with this utter nonsense your organization spots about an institution I and my colleagues at LBJBR hold dear and consider sacred. What you are suggesting is not journalism. How dare you try to make it seem otherwise.

Fox News had it right when they had their little logo “We report. You Decide.” Of course, they never stuck to it.

When Edward R Murrow took on a powerful and very evil Joe McCarthy, he let the people hear, read and see McCarthy first hand. He gave the senator a platform with which to defend his position and Murrow’s criticisms.

Mr Murrow himself with class, dignity and respect. He conducted himsellf and his arguments against Senator McCarthy within the journalistic framework, which has produced many fine men and women who have triggered more social change thsn you will ever cause.

I implore you and the rest of the TYT organization to respect the institution of journalism and stop trying to make it into a PROPAGANDA MACHINE LIKE DONALD TRUMP so desires it to become.

Stop the stupid mimicry. It makes you look like total buffoons.

Ms. Kasparian, please tone down the level of your voice. You csn talk without getting shrill and the LBJBR office has no coffee cups. We are sending you a bill. Please remit.

Yours ‘

“The Monk”

Monkey B. Funky

Editor and Chief

LBJ Bathroom Reader LLC