Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is Blonde and Courting Fox News Viewers to Prove It

New York Senator Kirstin Gillibrand doesn’t want to be called the Democrats’ version of Rick Santorum anymore. The Bernie Sanders coined putdown of Gillibrand, whose performances in the various polls have definitely hovered dangerous near the Santorum Line, have spurred the campaign on to desperate measures.

Various fixes have been discussed, inluding a banana and Fox News Host Shep Smith in a thong. However, sources have revealed that Gillibrand has made a pitch for Trump voters disillusioned with Trump.

Kirsten Gillibrand is

Appearing Fox News, Gillibrand made it clear:

“I am blonde.”

Only time will tell if the erections of 80 year old men will be enough to put New York blonde Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.