Sex Symbols of the1970s:Marsha Jordan,Queen of the B-Movies

Throughout history, no one has gone to Hollywood with the intention of being in a porn film or exploitation film. Throughout the annals of time, men and women, with legitimiate experience in smaller production or stage play have rolled the dice, thinking they had what it takes. However, life never plays by the same rules as it does on the silver screen. Success stories do occur, though, as was with Alabama born actress Marsha Jordan, who would come to be known as the “Queen of the B Movies.”

Born in Alabama in what is believed to be the late 1930s., Jordan would meander her way out to Hollywood in the early 1960s. Given the tastes of the time, it wouldn’t be long before casting agents of some sort were knocking down the door of the buxomy Jordan.

Jordan would ply her trade in a number of short films and features that had little to no plot to spreak of. Jordan woulkd cross over into mainstream films briefly in the 1970s before retiring from film for good.

1. Inside Amy (1975) as Irene Simon.

2. Tonite…I Love You (1975)

3. Black Alleycats, The (1974)

4. Class Reunion (1972) as Jeannie

.5. Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) as Mother

6. Marsha, The Erotic Housewife (1970) as Marsha

.7. The Golden Box (1970) as Diane

.8. The Daisy Chain (1969) as

.9. The Psychic Lover (1969) as

10. The House Near the Prado (1969) as .

11. Infrasexum (1969) as Mrs. Allison .1

2. The Divorcee (1969) as Betty Brant .

13. Her Odd Tastes (1969) as .

14. The Ramrodder (1969) as

Marssha Jordan

.15. Lady Godiva Rides (1969) as Lady Godiva .

16. Monica’s Thing (1969) as .

Marsha Jordan

17. The Muthers (1968) as

Marsha Jordan

.18. College Girls (1968) as

.19. Tropic of Scorpio (1968) as Cheri, the Cruel Countess

.20. Key Club Wives (1968) as

.21. The Wild Females (1968) as Rella .