LBJBR Endorses Pete Buttigieg for President

Washington waited with bated breath for the infliuential website to announce who it is endorsing in the 2020 presidential election. The internet mega-giant, only Horny and Elizabeth Warren receive more visits than LBJBR does in a month, has become then destination for tens of millions of people around the world who want their politics with an acerbic point of view.

Editor-in-Chief of LBJBR – Monkey B. Funky – released a statement-

“As one of the leading websites, whose head is so far up its own ass, we can hear the ocean, we are proud to endorse the first person to be born, raised and hold elective office in the state of Indiana, we at LBJBR endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg to be our next President. I mean, the man has lived his whole life in Indiana. Let’s do the humane thing and send him to Washington. There is only so much Indiana a man can take.”

I hope no one thought we here at LBJBR were Republican . Our site is named after LBJ.