Sex Symbol of the 1990s, 2000s – Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano started her career with a bang. With one minor role under her belt, the year 1984 would be a defining year for 12 year old Alyssa Milano. First, she was cast in the role Samantha Micelli in the TV series Who’s the Boss? opposite Tony Danza, who played her father, Fortunately, time would leave Tony Danza in the 1980s and send Milano up the Hollywood food chain.

The Brooklyn born actress next big break would come in the form of another 1980s icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Milano would play the daughter of Schwarzenegger in the action film Commando. The two would strike up a good chemistry on screen and add a bit of comedy to the film.

Milano would try stage and film some TV and indie movies. Looking to not be forever cast as Samantha Micelli type character her whole career, the actress would jump into the direct to video B-movies that were as 1990s as Friends or grunge music. These films were bland at best and the only benefit the world got from them was evidence that Samantha Micelli grew and grew up rather nicely.

It came down to a choice for Milano. She was auditioning for more legitimate roles but was getting nowhere very quickly. The roles would give the actress a chance to show producers that Samatha Micelli was a thing of the past. Aylssa Milano was not a kid anymore. She was a full grown woman and adoration of millons of teenaged boys to boot.

Milano would start to look for roles that would showcase more than just her breasts and would get cast on the big slice of 90s schlock Melrose Place. She would get back in front of the larger public. And, yes. She really could act. One must remembher that Milano was still building as an actor and learning her craft.

It would all come together for the actress in her next project, the unforgettable TV series Charmed. Milano would play one of three sisters, who all witches (Rose McGowan would replace Shannen Doherty mid-way through the series. However , she was only a cousin of the Halliwells).

Charmed would be the fruition of Alyssa Milano’s time in acting. Mixing comedy and drama superbly, the New York native would be an international star. She and the cast would form such great chemistry together that it would propel the series to great success.