Sex Symbols of the 1990s – Sherilyn Fenn

When it is all said and done, history will write the 1990s as a unique time in the cultural history of the United States. It was the true beginning of the tech age. The internet began to open up the how we consumed our entertainment. It also brought movie stars closer to their public. – uncomfortably so sometimes. For Sherilyn Fenn, the time was now and she would use all her wiles to become a sex symbol of the 1990s.

Photo by Showtime

The Detroit-born actress would find her first tastes of fame in 1988 Zalman King directed skin flick Two Moon Junction. She would later regret doing the film because of its brazen sexuality and would9 go into a hiatus to reconsider her career choices.

She, nonetheless, stayed on and begin to find her feet when she was in the TV show Twin Peaks. As the femme fatale Audrey Horne, Fenn found her niche and was perfectly cast and utilized in the film. As well, Fenn was comfortable and at home in the role. The style and character were much to her liking and inspired her.

Fenn would next have a small role in the David Lynch film Wild at Heart, as well as a couple others. She would next pose for Playboy while looking to break theo be typecast as a femme fatale type in future films. However, the well would begin to dry up for the actress, further complicated by director’s constant request that Fenn do a nude scene.