10 Greatest Jack White Performances to Find on You Tube

Jack White

As a member of the legendary band The White Stripes, Jack White was criticized and written off by some as a “gimmick.” Those who have been witness to the native from Michigan proweling the stage like a modern day Charlie Patton knows that is far from the case. The former drummer has such a connection with the guitar that a listener would swear that there is, no doubt, the same sort of Robert Johnson pact in place.

10. ‘Level’

The official video for the single off their 2008 masterpiece album, Consolers of the Lonely, this live version far outranks the studio track. The power and byplay of guitars between Brendan Benson and Jack White set the mood early and assure the listener that the Racontuers, when they want to, flex more sonic muscle than any of rock

9. ‘The Hardest Button to Button

Jack White has always made more with less than any other recording artist. Without a bassist in tow, White would fill the lower octaves with a downtuned guitar and heavier drum patterns by Meg White. As you will hear, ‘The Hardest Button to Button’ is one of the heaviest songs you will hear.

8. ‘I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself’

It’s hard to imagine someone could add zest to a Burt Bacharach tune, but this live performance proves otherwise. The single was first released with a stark, very meager video featuring Kate Moss dancing in her underwear.

7. ‘I’m Slowly Turning Into You’

As Jack White has aged, his music has gotten progressive more eccentric in his arrangements. His straight forward f-you two minute blues furies are gone, replaced by a more adulted, layered works that, now that he had more accomplished musicians around him, White has started to write.

‘I’m Slowly Turning into You fits in Jack White’s new sound collage. The elaborate collaboration of musicians, with White duetting with ‘Love Interrupted’ singer Ruby Amanfu, helps propel the song into something more.

6. ‘Death Lettter Blues’

Written by old bluesman by the name of Son House, ‘Death Letter Blues’ is a perfect vehicle for Jack White to stretch his legs and and stretch them he did. White laces the song with a remarkable sonic hell, unlike an other.

The song literally explodes into White’s solo.

5. ‘Intimate Secretary’

When performed live, ‘Intimate Secretary’ transform from a 90s alternative radio song to a Blues drenched, hard rocking masterpieces. If you ever want to know what unlimited power looks like, check Jack White out as be launches into his solo….

4. ‘Hello Operator’

Off the very bluesy masterpiece De Stihl , ‘Hello Operator’ is a treasure on the allbum, even more so live. With Jack’s trusty Montgomery Wards’ guitar by his side, White shreds.Dmnation and hellfire brusts from the speakers but boy does it rock.

3. ‘Jack the Ripper’

This song is too damn short.

2. ‘Intimate Secretary’

This song is one of the best rockers,in Jack White’s catalog. Version 2 is even greater than Version 1.

  1. The White Stripes Live in Canada.

If you love Jack White, you will watch this video over and over.