Brandi Rhodes, AEW and the Changing Face if Female Wrestling

It has been a long, difficult trek for women’s wrestling to be accepted into the spectrum of pop culture. While its male counterparts have hit rough patches now and again, male wrestling has largely remained in the public eye, more or less , sinces the 1920s. While the WWE, under the leadership of Vince McMahon can claim a due amount of plaudits for advancing the cause of women’s wrestling, it has caused as much damage , if not more,than any good it has ever done for the sport. It is in the “Indies,” independent wrestling, where the pioneers, the attention getters, the future ones who will main event an entire card, lay. The new breed of female athlele exists. She has a face and a name, as well as a resume to boot. Come this October, when the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) makes its debut, the world will meet the spectacular face of wrestling. Ms. Brandi Rhodes.

If one was forced to draw Brandi Rhodes’ WWE counterpart, it would undoubtably be Stephamie McMahon. Both are Chief Brand Officers of the promotions they work for. Whereas Rhodes is new the job, McMahon has been in the business since the early 2000s and a member of the WWE Board of Directors since 2015.

However, as wrestling has always been Stephanie McMahon’s fall back, always there to catch her because her father owns the company, her passion for the business always seems to come and go. She has children as well as other outside interests. To even the most casual of fans, she can take or leave the world of professional wrestling.

Brandi Rhodes, on the other hand, is married to the Cody Rhodes, son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, half brother to WWE legend Goldust, aka Dustin Rhodes. Both Rhodes’ have taken on the enormous task of helping to raise an alternative, AEW to the creatively stagnant WWE, along with the Jackson Brothrs and Kenny Omega. Set to debut this fall on TNT, Brandi Rhodes has had a hand in crafting the female roster for the organization. Her influence will show when the female roster starts needing more time to show off its talent to the deteriment of Chris Jericho or Kenny Omega’s face time.

Rhodes has built up a versatile mixture of female wrestlers and not fallen prey to the WWE mentality of bleached blonde hair and big boobs as criteria for its female wrestlers. One thing is for sure, given Brandi Rhodes commitment to wrestling, it would be hard to bet against.

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