This Month in Film History – April 11, 1973: Ingmar Bergman Starts TV Film About Something He is Clueless About – Marriage

When you hear about of a three hour TV film entitled Scenes From a Marriage, your mind, no doubt, hones in on the late 1970s and Woody Allen. No doubt about it, right? Scenes From a Marriage was something Woody did with long time common- law wife Mia Farrow? Instead, it would come from the Swedish W oody Allen and marriage advisor Ingmar Bergman On this month in film history – April 11, 1973 – the director would begin filming his 281 minute open warning to male bachelors everywhere – Don’t do it!

Scenes From A Marriage Critereon Collection

The enigmatic Swedsh film director would develop a fascination with the intricacies of filmiton the much smaller medium of television. From an article on the site this from Bergman’s long time camera man Sven Nykvist :

What Bergman has made for television are not simply films on television, they are television films.’ Bergman himself described Scenes from a Marriage as ‘an aesthetically superior everyday product for TV’.

Bergman felt tbe medium smaller, more confined medium would be more appropriate for the intense, emotionally jarring script. The director also liberally borrowed from his own less than successful attempts at marriage, most notable with lead actress Liv Ullman.

Bergman, thus, went with what he knew and cast Ullman and Erland Josephsson in his little play so they could all relive the little psycho-drama together. It was the director’s chance to analyze his life and heap more blame on Ullman.

Thus, everyone was able to see why the Swedes took to film like they did. And guys become filmmakers.