Jamie Lee Curtis’s 5 Sexiest Scenes

Cinema is the most visual of the arts. While images power it, as they do with static photograpy, more goes into and can wrong with the 3D world than 1D. In the 1D world, the artist is the god. Throughout is evolution from concept to realization, they remain in total control over the image and every secret it does

The motion picture, however, doesn’t afford that same luxury to its purveyor. Sure, the scope of the project goes along way in how it is conceived. Nonetheless, the soul of the project is corrupted even before it takes its first breath.

With that said, LBJBR presents Jamie Lee Curtis’s 5 Sexiest Scenes in Film

5. A Fish Called Wanda – (Tied)

Written by and starring John Cleese, the 1988 film co-starred Kevin Kline, Michael Palin, and our spotlight actress.

5. The Tailor of Panama (Tied)

Co-Starring former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, this 2001 thriller was based on a novel by John Le Carre.

4. True Lies

Jamie Lee was the talk of the movie world after preforming this sexy dance in 1994 box office blockbuster True Lies. James Cameron directed and her co-star was, of course the Arnold.

3. Mother’s Boys –

Hailing from the Basic Instinct era, Jamie cLee tried her hand at this 1993 tawdry film noir direct to video film.

2. Trading Places

1983 mega hit that ushered Jamie Lee into bigger roles. Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy co-starred.

1 .Love Letters

1983 film produced by Roger Corman

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