The 100 Greatest Funny People in Entertainment History #100-91

92. Barbara Stanwyck

Photo – Warner Brothers

If Barbara Stanwyck were alive today, Martin Scorsese would be all over that. The Brooklyn born (No matter how hard she tried, Stanwyck could never disguise it), Stanwyck would undoubtably be in every Scorese film.

Born Ruby Stevens, Stanwyck’s wise cracking tough talki ng dame character was very much in line with the ideal female image. It also helped the young Stanwyck find her feet early in her cinematic career. Stanwyck used the dame character heavily in her early career. It was her only weapon against the overwhelming outside world and especially men with ill intent. Luckily, for Stanwyck, the character adapted well to comedy as well as drama.

Stanwyck’s tough talking dame persona would evolve through out the years and would become less noticable. Make mistake, though, Whether it be in comedy or drama, the tough dame always had audiences pulling for her.


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