Words (A Poem of A Conflict of (Interest))

1.Words spill endlessly across the page.

2. Meaningless drivel splashing across the floor of time.

3. Is you I fear crossing my mind with a cold dense stare?

4. How do you justify loving everyone but not caring a lick

5. About tbe turtle necked Swan in the hospital gong 

6. Stranded in his own mind. like a vintage old wine

7. Looking out at the slow vehicle sign 

8. That warns you of incoming text

9. Written on the bully pulpit of the love

10. I professed to the incongruent turtles 

11> On the bridge you burned

12. Twelve line from my mouth to your breasts

13.  Bypassing your brain

14. Bypassing my  mind

15. The naked girl is a lost illusion 

16. A casualty to your effed up conclusions