This Month in Music History – January 2, 1969: The Beatles Begin Recording “Let it Be” Album

Released in 1970, Let it Be remains the black sheep of the original, non-compilation albums of the Beatles. Nestled in amongst some of the greatest music ever put to record, ie The White Album and Abbey Road, Let it Be
remains one of the Beatles top albums, in spite of its lack of notoriety. As with most Beatle albums, the album is a classic from beginning to end . It was on this month, January 2, 1969, the Fab Four gathered at Abbey Road studios in London to begin preparations to begin recording the Let it Be album.

The original incarnation of the album, however, was saddled by producer Phil Spector’s (No, George Martin did not record this album, laborious “Wall of Sound,” which the web site WikiAudio describes this way –

For pop groups of the era, Spector’s touches helped to cover up musician weaknesses. In the Beatles, those weaknesses just did not exist and the famed producer hit making “Wall of Sound” became an unnecessary gelatinous partner. The later release, Let it Be… Naked, strips away Spector’s wall and lets the songs breath and rock.

John on the Roof Photo; Apple Corps

Time has tended to obscure the fact that the four could actually go and get it when they wanted. Songs like ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’ more than bear this point out. As well, without the Spector albatross weighing them down, slower songs, such as ‘The Long and Winding Road’, ‘Across the Universe’, Two of Us,’ pick up their pace and move from nice little rockers to utterly hypnotic masterpieces.