New Fox News Study Reveals This Reality All Just a Stephen Miller Cosmic Dream (Sean Hannity Actually Hookah Smoking Caterpillar In Spare Time)

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If the evening news wasn’t bad enough. Wars and death all around; the four Herbert Hoover’s of the Apocalypse riding their Pontiac Azteks up and down the block in front of CNN, all of them promising that, when the stock market crashes, and there is chaos and hunger spreading throughout the US, President Trump will re-install Roseanne Barr on The Connors; Stephen Miller will then achieve his ultimate dream and deport the United States biggest illegal alien.

No, not Melania.

No, there’s a much bigger illegal bitch to fry…the Statue of Liberty. Oh, how Stephen despises that Commie C@nt. Pretty soon now, Stephen gonna have ICE pay her a little visit.

He likes hiding in Melania’s closet and she lets him watch as she undresses. He closes his eyes until he hears her say, “You can come out now, Stephen.”

Stephen steps out. He can feel his heart beating, finally beating. Because, Stephen’s dream has finally come true. No, not the one where Steve Bannon steps out of a hot tub reading National Review as strains of William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal’s dueting softly the George Harrison song ‘Something’ softly assaults the air.

And just when he feels he can’t take anymore of this Pat Buchanan Wet Dream, he hears Bannon whisper

“Donnie’s coming.”

The Hookah Smoking Hannity (Sean, that is) stands nearby and approves all that he sees.

Donald sweeps in, he ‘s been attempting to Fly Jefferson Airplane, or touch butts with Grace Slick.

Mama Cass, Donovan and Spiro Agnew tag along but the Machine of Consciousness is broke, Republicans cut funding and as Dick Chaney will tell all those who will listen.

“Jefferson Airplane don’t fly blind.”

And the dream ends when the Dwarfs of the Fifth Congressional district and Robert Mueller pass out the StephenMiller 2024 tee shirts.