LBJBR’s Actor Chronicles – Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren has had a long and varied acting career. She has played characters that range from Elizabeth II to a young girl living in the outback in Austrailia with her grandmother, who poses nude for a painter, who awakens her sexuality. She is one of the most versatile actresses in cinema history


Born Helen Lydia Mironov July 26, 1945, Helen’s grandfather was a member of the Imperial Russian army. Her father, Vasily Petrovich Mironov changed his name to the much less Russian sounding  Basil Mirren. Helen was the middle child of three.


At the age of eighteen, she auditioned for and was accepted in The National Youth Teather. Mirren would climb her way up the ranks of the group and would quickly become one of the company’s brightest stars.


Young and beautiful, able-bodied and fiercely independent, Mirren’s work in the NYT came to the attention of Al Parker, a moviemaker who dabbled in artist representation. She would sign on with Parker to serve as her agent.


Mirren would also draw the attention of The Royal Shakespeare Company. They would extend an offer for Helen to join. Mirren would accept the offer.

All the while, the cinema was keeping tabs on Mirren and her work. Offers would come flooding in.


Mirren would appear in a variety of different films to start her career. In her first couple of roles, as Cora in Age of Consent and Gosh Boyle in Savage Messiah, Mirren would tap into a raw sexuality that few could tap into and keep it respectable.

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Mirren’s first roles would be more sexual in nature and she would gain as much attention for her body as she did her acting. The full-bodied Mirren was as alluring of an actress as any of the ones twice as thin.


Helen would also buck the trends of actresses ben shoved out to pasture as they got older. Mirren maintained her allure, even among those young enough to be her grandchildren.


She continues to make films and enchant audiences worldwide.