Two Chances For Readers to Win DVDS From LBJBR and The Committee

As Chairman of The Committee and Editor and Chief of LBJBR, I run things around  here. That’s why we got the funk and everyone else on the internet is just a punk. Since it’s obvious LBJBR readers are the smartest readers in the world, I am going to offer you fine readers a chance to win some DVDs. You will have two opportunities

1st chance – 1. Tell us what you like and don’t like about LBJBR. What would you like to see more of? What you would like to see less of? Do you enjoy a more adult approach to covering entertainment? (Grown Up not  Porny). Would you like more baseball articles from resident baseball expert Thomas Swan?

Tell us and we shall oblige.

On September 1 at the stroke of midnight PST one winner will be chosen and they will win –


2. Chance #2.  Read and read some more.  Read as many articles you can. Push our visitors numbers and page view numbers through the roof. The person that reads the most articles (please  tell  us  in the name of the articles and how along with the number of articles you’ve read.  We will check. Our social media guy Harvey has a day off,  calculator and  a fifth grade math education.

The Winner shall receive –


Runner up will receive


This one will run to September 1 at 12 AM as well.

Send all responses to

Winners will  be notified via email and no we do not share emails with anyone else. Who’s going to believe a monkey reads emails anyway?



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