Sex Symbol of 1990s – Mimi Rogers – The Naughty Version

Once Mrs. Tom Cruise, then a star of some lesser indie films, onto star of a made for cable film and then again indie films and being a critics’ darling again. Mimi Rogers was a struggling actress, looking for a way to catch a break. Minor roles came her way on cable shows and lackluster films.


Rogers would wander in and out of film making for most of her career. Of recent, Rogers has  done more work in characters roles on TV. She received excellent reviews for her  in the 1991 film The Rapture.  Noted film critic Robin Wood was particularly impressed by Roger’s performance.


Born in 1956, Mimi Rogers was bitten by the acting bug early in her life. However, it wouldn’t be until 4 years into her marriage that Rogers would do something about it. Unhappy, Rogers got a divorce and moved to Los Angeles to purse a film career.


Rogers would find herself an acting coach and study under him for several months before she sought out an  agent. Rogers first screen test would be for the lead in the 1982 erotic thriller Body Heat, opposite William Hurt.


Ultimately, the film part would go to Kathleen Turner but Mimi Rogers gained valuable insight into the entire the entire process. Whereas Rogers’ film career was in a stall, her TV career started to take off, getting several parts in various TV shows of the early 80s.

mimi-rogers-nude-door-in-the-floor_25 (1).jpg

Her film career, however was heating up, if not, at the very least begin to warm up a bit. She co-starred with Tom Berenger in the 1987 film Someone to Watch Over Me. In 1990, Rogers played a part in the remake of the classic film noir master Desperate Hours.


She next play the lead role in the indie The Rapture opposite a pre-X-Files David Duchovny.

In March of 1993, Rogers posed for Playboy. Her reason :

“Playboy had been after me for years, and finally I agreed to pose when they gave me complete approval over the shoot. It was done in a tasteful way, and since I knew that I wanted to have children soon, I thought it might be nice to have a permanent record of my body in its prime.”


In 1995, Rogers  would steam up the small screen with the Showtime made for TV film Full Body Massage. From there the indie darling Door in the Floor. 

And that’s where we shall leave the lovely Ms. Rogers for now.