To The Point – The Editor’s Eye View

Yes, it has finally came to pass. The Monkey has taken the reins at LBJBR and things will start getting a slight bit more interesting. I encourage everyone to drop me a line and tell us how we are doing, how we can improve and if you know who put out that f&cking rumor that monkeys are leading this country. If monkeys were running this country, feces flinging would develop into the art form it has been denied for so many years now.

Where was I?

Oh, yes, social interaction. If you have any comments, just drop me a line and, if your idea is any good, I will pass along to the boys and claim it as my own or, if it’s not, just totally ignore it. Our head of social media, Harvey, is so well versed at ignoring trolls on social media that he’s made it a policy not to come into work. Smart lad.

And yes, preferential treatment will be given to hot chicks. Sorry, folks, in funky land, I don’t make the rules, they make themselves.

Party at Eudora Welty’s house and the Monkey says, “Everyone but Ezra Pound (You know what you did.) is invited.”

Monkey B.