Tiger Zinda Hai,Salman Khan

Why Bollywood Experts Expect a Record Opening for Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’?

One word that you would never associate with Bollywood legend Salman Khan is box office poison. Throughout his nearly thirty years of film experience,  Kahn has routinely set and broken box office. If not for those other pesky Khans (Aamir and Shah Rukh, none of the three are related),   Khan would most likely own all of the top ten spots. routinely. However, it has been a full year since Salman Khan has had a hit film. Khan’s team has prepped his newest film Tiger Zinda Hai to end that bare streak.

Those of you used to Hollywood standards are probably shaking your head wondering what the fuss is. Hollywood and Bollywood differ in their output. Only Nigeria produces more films per year. One of the biggest reasons why is costs. While several actors in Bollywood make their fair share of money, film crews are not paid a lot. However, make no mistake, Bollywood crews (production designer, hair, make up, camera operators) are as talented and capable as their American counterpart. Low production costs aid in the mass production. As a result, actors work more, without worry of lackluster content.

At the end of 2016, Salman Khan had appeared in 74 films in 29 years, the last being the mega-hit Sultan, which of course is his the last completed film. Tiger Zinda Hai is the sequel to the  2011 hit  Ek Tha Tiger. Opening on 5700 screens, 4600 in India, the film’s first day in theaters suggests that Khan’s worries, if he had any at all, were over. According to India today: “Five years later, as its sequel, Tiger Zinda Hai, hits the screens, the craze for Tiger has far from died down. According to early estimates, Tiger Zinda Hai has raked in around Rs 36 crore on its first day.” More to come.