Join ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ TV Pilot Kickstarter Effort

Surfer’s Paradise has people talking and excited about the potential for a TV series.  The pilot for the sci-fi genre bender  has been shot in the Czech Republic by the noted director of the films Beast and Silicon Beach, Max Gold. It was written by Max and co- produced by Ben Palacios, who stars as Ben in the pilot. The makers of the intriguing pilot are in need of some help financially to cover post production costs.A014_C013_0720YX

This link below will direct you to their KICKSTARTER page where you can find out all the details. The pilot has been shot and all that is needed is funds for some post production costs.

Press Release USA

Here, you will find link that  has a very  nice behind the feasturette with members of the cast.


So, why don’t you hop on  over to their Kickstarter page and take a  look.