Liam Gallagher’s New Album ‘As You Were’ Proves The Talent in Oasis

Liam Gallagher has long been to extract himself from his older brother Noel Gallagher immense musical and songwriting shadow. No matter what he’s done or tried Noel was always getting  the attention and  love it probably seemed to the younger Gallagher. Liam was the first to form a band, that would ultimately turn into Oasis, which brother Noel would join, pay lead guitar on and be sole songwriter for until  2000. One their fourth studio album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, Liam would step out from behind the microphone and into the composer’s chair with his first effort “Little James.” Nearly, twenty years later,  Liam would again step out from the microphone and with his first solo album As You Were. He would also make it crystal clear that brother Noel is by far the better of the two musically.

Fans of Oasis knew that Noel would have no problem continuing his musical career when the band split for good. Liam, however, is an entirely different ball of wax. When you weigh his work with Beady Eye, Oasis minus  brother Noel, you quickly realize what our Liam may think is  hip and edgy rock music is actually rather mediocre corporate rock. As great a singer as he may be, Liam’s own musical acumen has to be question. Clearly someone needs to  introduce Liam to the guy who ripped up the rock scene apart with his brother Noel in the early 90s.

As for Liam Gallagher’s latest album As You Were, everyone  who stops and debates whether or not they should try the new album. Take heed of the title and “as you were. Continue on. This album isn’t worth your time.