Women Trending in Conservative Circles

Women are at the forefront of discussions in  conservative circles at  the moment in Washington and throughout the country. The recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment story has made everyone more aware of the daily harrassment women who work at Hooters face.

Look familiar?

Man heads to the counter. “Excuse  me,” he beckons to the manager who is in the process of teaching the new girl to clean the frozen ice machine while staring down her top.

“Excuse me,” you, let’s face facts here, say louder.

“WHAT?” responds the manager, annoyed that you broke his concentration. “Can’t you see I am trying to train an employee?”

“I want to complain about one of your employees. She was very rude to me,” you inform him.

“I do apologize, sir. Tell me her name and I shall fire her immediately.”

Problem is you don’t remember her name. You try to the remember what the  name tag she wore said. All you  remember is boobs. She had such wonderful, large boobs.

“I don’t remember her name,” you shoot back. ” I know she had  big  breasts.”

“I beg your pardon?”

So, as the networks like Fox News, home of the famous  game “What’s Uncle Bill Hiding in His Pocket?” and the delightful “Who Can Give Roger Ailes a Boner ?” has taken the lead in the media blitz on Weinstein and Hollywood. As a part of media attack, certain outlets have tried to wrap the Democratic Party in the scandal because Weinstein has been a donor to the recent Democratic candidates for president. More specifically, the networks like Fox and Breitbart most have tried to pin Hilary Clinton into the scandal, as well as the Iran Contra Affair and the fiasco that was Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate.  We must not let the right have  moral superiority over subject they do not even care about.

Sean Hannity’s  Donald Trump erection doesn’t seem to be abiding anytime soon, however.