EPA to Review Not Dumping Nuclear Waste in Drinking Water

EPA chief administrator of the EPA Scott Pruitt wanted  to make one thing clear. As head of the EPA he had one thing  to do and  only one and he didn’t give as flying girl fart about it.

“Save  the environment…Yeah, sure. What has the environment done for the Republican party,” Pruitt began in a response to a question he fielded while paying a visit to the Girl Scouts of  America meeting on Arbour Day. “Did it help Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes from the  vicious slandering the fake media’s brought on these very fake men?

The  little girl who asked the question “What does the EPA do” was  and had no idea who Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes.

“Here’s an idea. Why don’t you and your fake media friends go out and find out the truth before reporting it.”

“I am seven.”

This heated exchange overshadowed what was supposed to be a talk by the EPA head on all the great wonders Little Suzy and  Molly could find in the EPA protected forests of the USA.

It quickly became political.

In another incident at has become the norm for the Donald Trump administration, Pruitt went on the attack when asked what his favorite tree was.

“Don’t think I don’t see what you all are doing here. I watched Fifty Shades of Gray. I know what is going on in your warped little minds. You can’t fool me. Donald Trump didn’t make me head of the Everybody Poops Agency on my good looks alone.”

Sail on brothers and sisters, Sail on.