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The 100 Most Important Film Directors of All Time

Before we go any further, the title of the series of articles that will follow, entitled “The 100 Most Important Film Directors of All `,” needs a bit of explaining. It is not another boring old best of list, where I give my opinion and yointends tu agree or disagree. This list intends to not just weigh and measure “talent,” whatever that means. Instead, we shall look at the directors who, through technical innovations or unique approach to their craft, and the impact they made on film. With this in mind, rankings and listings may surprise.

Agree or disagree, we at LBJ’S BR Reader hope you enjoy the “100 Most Important Film Directors of All Time.”



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You may have heard of me. I have been a staff writer for Rays Colored, Popcorn I was editor of and coeditor with my brother Brad Repka. I was senior writer at, where I covered everything from Classical Music to Jazz and Blues and Bollywood.

I have interviewed actors and actresses. Notably Kevin Sorbo, Brian Dennehy, Lucas Til, documentary director Robert Mugge, Jazz Guitarist Jesse Cook
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