LeBron James: King of the First Round

With his teammates help, LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers recently wrapped another first round win of the NBA playoffs. Though their first round sweep of the NBA seemed like a regular season match up, business as usual so to speak, James is building quite a legacy for the utter dominance that teams he has played on have had in the first rounds throughout his career. If nothing else, James reigns supreme as the King of the NBA playoffs first round.

TheĀ  106-102 Cavalier victory over the Pacers saw James contributed 33 points and 10 rebounds. James’ teams have won the past 21 games. Of course, with James being at the center of all of them. ESPN notes that when James’ teams have their opponent down, they do not let up:

“In each of the seven times James has gone up 3-0 in a playoff series, his team won in a sweep.”

Overall, in his fourteen NBA seasons,James’ teams have made the playoffs twelve times. During the twelve appearances, James’ teams have accrued a 48-7 record. According to ESPN:

“His .873 win percentage in first-round games is the best among the more than 300 players to play at least 25 playoff games since the current 16-team playoff format.” began in 1984.



Put simply, every time King James’ teams have gotten into the playoffs they have made it out of the first round and usually none the worse for wear. For his part, James shakes off the numbers and their meaning. From Bleacher Report, LeBron noted:

“As far as the streak, I don’t get caught up into it,” James said after his most recent victory.

“I’ve been fortunate to play with two great organizations obviously here and in Miami. We’ve prepared the best way we can going into a playoff series no matter the opponent. I’ve been fortunate to get to the second round [or further] every time I’ve been in the postseason.”

Again this year, a championship remains LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers only option. Anything else for the King of Cleveland just won’t do.