Sean Spicer and the Magic Russian Mushrooms

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer struck a different note today in the verbal warfare with the Russians over Syria. Seemingly willing to bridge the huge gulf that exists over the middle east country, Spicer steered away from the typical fire and brimstone language emanating from both sides and tried talking  sense into the big red machine.

Going so far as to don an “I Heart Vlad,” Spicer made it clear that there was no real animosity between the two countries.

“The White House has no qualms with Russia,” Spicer stated. “In fact, they were the ones who suggested we do it.”

Spicer grew tense when a reporter caught this slip and asked if this was all just a ruse.

“By ruse, what do you mean?”

“You just said Russia are the ones who suggested the strike on Syria.”

“No, no I didn’t. What I am saying and what you are hearing are two different things. You are looking for reason and logic when you should be asking yourself how stupid are you?”

Whether or not the American people are ever afforded  the truth, they will certainly have no doubt Sean Spicer is on drugs.

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