Sean Spicer Loses Mind in Alternative World

Sean Spicer found himself in hot water today when his mind was caught gently floating  in his  favorite place, the world of alternative truths. It’s a magical world that Mr. Spicer loves to frolic through with the press anytime he is able. It’s his way of saying to President Trump’s critics, “I know you may think he’s stupid in this world but, in the alternative one he make perfect sense.” Seems Mr. Spicer left something the last time he went to that other place, where every face on Mt. Rushmore is Donald Trump. His brain!

During a press conference at the White House, one of the best and brightest brains in all of the land” as Trump referred to the cabinet he was going to assemble when he became president, Spicer wanted to underline how bad Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad was, stating that “not even Hitler gassed his own people.”

Oh, Sean. We told you it was dangerous to keep journeying so willy nilly into the alternative world. It screws you up and does something to your mind, man. Makes you talk all crazy and stuff. You know…with the Jewish people in Germany…and the concentration camps..and what not.

Democrats far and wide are calling on Trump to fire Spicer, which we at LBJ’s Bathroom Reader think is wrong. Trump shouldn’t be called on to make Spicer resign. It is quite obvious by now that Spicer was never qualified for this job. Such an amateur blunder is not a mistake on Spicer’s part, he is just stupid. Plain and simple. If Donald Trump isn’t smart enough to remove this individual from his post, then maybe that’s a reflection on us.

Because we hired him.