to Start Adding Jokes, Many Thought They Already Had

You will excuse some Breitbart readers  if they are a bit confused.  In an effort to lighten the site’s serious content and tone, the editors promise to inject humor and jokes into their content. While this may seem downright odd, given hilarious most of the stuff they report as news is already, the editors hope to push the site into the mainstream. How they intend to make their site any funnier remains to be seen.

“We  have a grand plan,” noted a higher up who requested anonymity. “Our humor will have a secret little mist that can be absorbed through the skin. And we will take control! And we will rule the world!”

Asked what comedy writers they had lined up to help them in their quest, the Breitbart executive was a bit perplexed.

“Comedy writers? No, we conservatives will make the joke, not some liberal.”

As the Breitbart writers ready their take on funny, the loyal Donald Trump supporters worry about the future.

“Oh well, Donald will be reelected no matter who the Democrats throw up.”

Donald Trump winning another election? Now,  that is funny.