March Job Lull Denied by Trump, Jobless, and Steve Bannon’s Leprechaun Agree

In March, the 98,000 jobs added were less than most economists and Steve Bannon’s leprechaun projected. The fall off was due to a construction boon in the January and February months which benefited from unseasonably warm weather and Steve Bannon’s leprechaun’s plan to invade Poland coming to fruition. Trump and the jobless both deny the report, while the leprechaun eyes Belgium in between issuing his own denial.

Trump’s denial of the number called into question Republican claims of responsibility for the gains in January ‘sand February. I mean you can’t use a tool once to boost yourself and not when it doesn’t suit you. Still, in spite of White Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s claim, “the March number prove nothing but a  tab of the process and not the conclusion.”

He, as well, frowned on the idea that the March numbers were the first true test of the business sector’s.

“That’s positively ludicrous,” Spicer responded. “The American people gave Donald Trump a mandate when he overwhelmingly won the election and the fact more people voted for Hilary Clinton only confirms this.”

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