Trump Thinks…World Worries

The common theme of the first couple of months of the Donald Trump presidency is don’t let Donald Trump think. Special care has been taken by his handlers so that no ideas get anywhere the president. Kept locked in a room, Fox News plays 24/7 on the television and the pretty women with shiny blonde hair, skinny midsections and big boobies keep the president occupied. Trump thinks and the world begins to worry.

However, the occasional thought does worm its way into Trump and White House staff are busy for weeks doing damage control. The most recent thought to sprout from the jungle that is the Trump toupee was the Obama wiretap allegations. The whispers, hushed tones and carefully worded messages  became written in stone until the White House staff had to start Operation Damage Control.

The Demon King(Sean Spicer) is resurrected to do what he does best. Confuse the hell out of everyone.