And the winner is…North Korea

It is that special time of a president’s administration when he reviews a map of the world and picks a third world nation his administration can lead the United States into war against. It can’t be just any ole’ nation, like say Nepal, Botswana or say Belgium. No, this nation has to really be bad off. If you asked a citizen what is their chief exports, they would say “cow dung.” Their army is so ill trained and ill prepared that their only hope of winning is if they convince enough of their own soldiers to join the other side.

Each and every president had theirs. Ronald Reagan’s was Panama, Lyndon Johnson’s was Vietnam. They have no real importance to the United States sovereignty and yet, in most cases, Americans lost their lives for the cause. What cause would that be you ask? Doesn’t really matter.

Donald Trump has made his choice. North Korea. It is a country so backwards that most of it has no electricity. It has a military and constantly test fires missiles but is under crippling sanctions. China is said to support it but it would be foolish to think China would risk international scorn and money propping up Kim Jong Un’s government. ┬áDid we mention Kim Jong Un is nuts.

This has been your one sober moment from LBJ’s Bathroom Reader.