Bill O’Reilly Turns Eyes to Roger Ailes’ Record

Bill O’Reilly accomplishments in the field of broadcasting are legendary. His Fox show, The O’Reilly Factor has been the standard bearer for TV news opinion magazines since its debut some twenty years ago. All those numbers are just that to Mr. O’Reilly, numbers. There was one thing missing and that was Roger Ailes’ record.

Anytime O’Reilly passes the shrine that immortalizes Ailes’ accomplishments  in the field of sexual harassment, he stops and pays tribute to the king. O’Reilly says that, no matter how many women he “accidentally” gropes or how many times his hand ended down Megyn Kelly’s blouse, he will never be the sexist pig that Ailes is.

“Roger had an air to him,” O’Reilly reminisced over Ailes. “He could make a woman feel uncomfortable or violated with just a look. The sonofabitch could blackmail the panties off of Greta van Susteren with a st. Man, it was a thing of beauty.”

For his part, O’Reilly has tried to make a run at his former boss’ record for number of sexual harassment suits filed against him. Unlike Ailes, O’Reilly has the full support of his boss to  be as big of a sleazeball, asshole he can be.

“I am very lucky,” O’Reilly noted. “Mr. Murdoch is a big fan and says he’s fine. Just not to kill them.”