Role Reversals in Slasher Film “Tied In Knots” Becomes Underground Gay Classic

Slasher horror films have long been the source of feminists’ criticism. The typical scenario of the big breasted dumb woman, who either wears a shirt two sizes too tight or none at all, is a staple of the genre and very much expected at some point. With that in mind, New York born director Julius Goldfarb set out to put the genre on its head.

I thought,” Mr.Goldfarb said in a phone interview with LBJ Reader “that switching roles would be kinda fun. Of course, everyone said I was an idiot. I guess I showed them.”

What Mr. Goldfarb did, by accident or not with his newest film Tied in Knots was create the gay undergrounds biggest hit. It is so popular that no matter whatever gay club you got to, anywhere in the world, you are guaranteed to find it playing somewhere .in the building,

“It’s a phenomenon!” Nicky Sixxes,bar owner by day  and Rachel Maddow impersonator after the sun goes down, enthused after seeing it for the 89h time. “It just speaks in volume the plight of the gay man in this modern society, Julius., Goldfarb , I want to have your children.”

This, of course, is all news to Julius.

The plot concerns two friends, Jerry and Albert, who sit out  on their spring break to get laid for the first time. A wrong turn finds them at the doorstep of Chuck  Raymond, a hermit of a man who is rumored to be a cannibal. Jerry and Albert’s car runs out of gas and they  have to stay the night with Chuck, who convinces the boys that he is actually country music legend Jerry  Reed. Albert’s dreams turn homo erotic during the night and he begs Jerry to leave. Chuck takes the boys hostage but Albert escapes;

A thirty minute chase through the woods of a naked Albert tires Chuck, because his murder weapon of choice just happens to be a jacskhammer, thank you very much. Back at the house, Jerry falls in a pile of cow dung and decides to take a shower instead of escape. Trapped, Chuck tries to drive the jackhammer up Jerry’s pink backside but it comes unplugged and’Jerry escapes.

In the woods, Jerry runs into Louise, a 30 year old female bodybuilder. They build a respect because of Jerry’s huge penis and Louise beats the stuffing  out of Chuck but not before he kills Albert.

Jerry doesn’t care because he has Louise and she wears pants.

The next call for Mr. Goldfarb may just  be from Oscar.