Nikki Haley Tells Joke, Walks Out of UN When No one Laughs

You will excuse US Ambassador to the UN, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. She’s from South Carolina and ┬áthus is automatically behind the eight ball. I mean, South Carolina actually elected Nikki Haley. Enough said. Donald Trump thought that was enough to qualify her for representing the US in front of the rest of the world. So, now the US will now be held to the sense of humor as a perbson from South Carolina. Not even people from South Carolina get South Carolina. It is akin to stabbing yourself in the gut to kill indigestion.

Bored with trying to make the world a safer place, Haley turned to humor to try and put herself and the US back over on the world stage. She lead a group of nations, including North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Syria, in a walkout during a meeting for ending the use of nuclear weapons. Asked why and her answer was short and to the point, “To keep the world safe.” Thinking she was joking the assembly broke out in fits of laughter.

Haley tried to save face and tell the state joke of South Carolina. Translated from Hillbilly the punchline reads: “How the hell was I supposed to know she was my sister? The label said to cook until done.”

In the true style of politicians from South Carolina, Haley’s ineptitude is legendary. Combined with her carelessness, it is easy to see why Trump chose to pick Haley